1. (a)Heating for the complex shall be a dual heat Sample Clauses

1. (a)Heating for the complex shall be a dual heat system using forced air flow set at 68 degrees fahrenheit and thermostatically controlled electric baseboard heaters. The individual heat control system to include infloor ducting approved tight sealing registers and deflectors and thermostats located five (5) feet above the floor level on the opposite wall to the baseboard heater. (b) Air conditioning will be installed in the dining hall and recreation room provided the camp will be occupied during at least one of the months of June, July, or August. 2. Corridors to be completely enclosed and heated. Non-slip material to be used in hallways. An underlay of adequate material to deaden objectionable noises, covered by a waterproof runner shall be used. The corridors are to be cleaned daily by members of the camp staff. Exterior doors shall be weather-proof and fitted with door closures, double doors four (4) feet apart, which shall be screened from May 15th to October 15th. 3. Each bunkhouse shall have a heated laundry and drying room of sufficient size equipped with washing and drying machines for cost free use by the occupants and one (1) slop sink. The ratio of two (2) automatic washers and three (3) dryers for each fourty-two (42) occupants of the bunkhouse shall prevail.4. All camp cleaning shall be done by the camp staff.5. Trailers must be closed from floor to ground by sheeting or banking from October 15th to May 15th. 6. There shall be at least ten (10) meters (34 feet) or in accordance with the Alberta Provincial Building Regulations between banks (back to back) of trailers. 7. Washrooms to be separated from sleeping rooms by full partitions and doors and to have separate ventilation with suction fan. 8. Properly constructed and maintained walkways of suitable material from bunkhouse to dining room shall be provided (wood, asphalt or concrete are recommended materials). Gravel may be utilized in limited circumstances. 9. Where night shifts are worked on a project there will be designated night shift bunkhouses, or a portion of a bunkhouse will be designated where numbers of affected workers are not sufficient to justify a full bunkhouse, and black out drapes will be provided in each room so designated. 10. If private vehicles are not allowed access, suitable transportation will be provided from camp parking lot to the bunkhouse complex on initial hiring and termination. 11. A sufficient number of bedroom units will be designated as non-smoking units providing there is a reasonable requirement for ...
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